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Why Won’t They Talk to Me?

I thought it would be easy. Don’t we old people love to talk about our memories of the past? You generally can’t get us to shut up. Yet so far I have not managed to interview anyone at all. Why won’t they talk to me? I asked respectfully and carefully. “Nancy, I’ve so enjoyed your […]

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Third batch of early reader reviews

Here’s the third batch of early reader reviews of Like Light from Stars. I…enjoyed it immensely. I was completely caught up in your character development and felt like I was on an excellent walking tour of San Francisco.  Alice Silverstein I started reading your book and can’t put it down! I feel like I’m there. […]

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More Early Reader Reviews

Here’s the second batch of early reader reviews of Like Light from Stars: Once I started it, I couldn’t put it down, and ended up devouring it in one gulp. Many times I had to stop for a while because I was crying too hard to see.  Ginny Schwingel I read your book cover to […]

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