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Like Light From Stars, a novel by Sylvia AllenHere’s the second batch of early reader reviews of Like Light from Stars:

Once I started it, I couldn’t put it down, and ended up devouring it in one gulp. Many times I had to stop for a while because I was crying too hard to see.  Ginny Schwingel

I read your book cover to cover yesterday. Some parts were horrifying and some parts made me cry. I see why you were compelled to write it…It’s amazing to me how people survive the challenges we are given in life, be it our health, our families, our jobs, or just our cultural situation.  Janet Egger

This really is a fan letter, Sylvia. I have finished your book, having put down “Wolf Hall” to find out what happened next to Norah’s ancestors. I’m full of admiration for what you have done. You have created believable, interesting characters and made some amazing imaginative leaps to other places and other eras. Your descriptions of skies, smells, city life (especially around Chinatown, may I say) are lovely and evocative. It was really fun to read about San Francisco the way you remember it from your childhood and the way your researches have revealed it. My favorite story, I think, is “Gingerbread Men.” The flashback structure really works well. You create in Ruth a most engaging heroine. What an achievement! I would be a far better person if I could imagine a vivid (and explanatory) childhood for MY mother! Writing these stories must have taken so much courage, and compassion. Surely some smart agent or editor will see the potential here. But in the meantime, I feel privileged to have been able to read this. Thanks so much. Excuse the gushing. I’m REALLY impressed.  Barbara Bernstein

I really love the story…and your writing and the feel of it. I wish I could react to your book more innocently. Then I could say how much I liked it, how it was evocative of places and times, that the characters seemed true. Saying I like it doesn’t sound right. I was moved, I was awed, and at the end, amazed by you and what you have accomplished…Now we must find an agent.  Kerry Jones

Kerry, from your mouth to God’s ears.


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