Reader reviews of Like Light from Stars

I had some promo copies of Like Light from Stars printed and gave them to people I thought might be interested. Here are the early reader reviews (part 1 of 3):

What a fantastic read. I couldn’t put it down although at times I feared what might come on the next page. Suspenseful and beautifully written stories that drew me in.  Ronna Dansky

Sylvia, I just read your book in the last two days, and it is really good. Vivid and full of historical texture, and a great read. Kudos.  Max Dashu

I just finished Like Light From Stars, and it is beautiful! Thank you for fleshing out Lily…and Chloe too–and for the bits of history you added in the beginning, and for making San Francisco a character in the story. You are such a good writer that I am in awe, I am stunned, I am humbled. I will never be as good as that. You shouldn’t have any trouble finding a publisher…Stunned.  Trina Robbins

I got right into the world of the Hammonds et al, and kept having to remember to slow down & savor your talent; I got so into it I just had to keep reading to “see what happens”. Kudos to you…I love it.  Lorraine Anderson

What great, grand reading! What a great story….I want more… And so beautifully written. I so cotton to how you can so well develop your characters just by dialogue and action. I was having a bit of trouble for a few nights: I was so ‘there’ that I thought, for a moment, that I was there. Wherever ‘there’ happened to be at the time. There were many places where I just swooned with your references. Loie Fuller just about knocked me out…but there is so much more. I am rereading next week…I am having a fairly difficult time finding books I really can sink into…thanks for this one.  Buff Medb Neretin

To be continued…

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