Reading at Bookstore Benefit


Sylvia Allen reading at Plew’s Brews.

I just got back from reading at a benefit for St. Johns Booksellers, our little town’s beloved independent bookstore. The benefit was at Plew’s Brews, the local craft-beer-and-live-music place, and was lively, beery, cheerful, and noisy. I was one of several writers reading our own work. Also reading, among others: Martha Shelley, Kate de Gutes, and Robert Peate.

I read bits of my story, “Change of Heart,” which is a chapter of Like Light from Stars. The part I read was about a romance developing between two young women who work at a crisis center, and the uncertainty about whether they can overcome their own troubled histories enough to be together.

I’m a good reader but tonight wasn’t exactly the best reading I’ve done. Not because it’s hard to read in front of an audience—I actually love doing that—but because the stage lights prevented me from seeing anything beyond the stage, and it is very hard to read to someone I can’t see at all. Apparently I need to be able to make eye contact and speak directly to their faces. Also, I was uncomfortable with the mic. I’ll have to get used to using one of those.


One Response to Reading at Bookstore Benefit

  1. Mary Ann Aschenbrenner May 31, 2015 at 10:52 am #

    There was so much talent it made the room hot!

    Actually, it was a warm evening and this was the first reading I have been to in St. Johns. I am impressed with the caliber of local talent! Of course, the local beers at Plews are always great too.

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