Third batch of early reader reviews

Here’s the third batch of early reader reviews of Like Light from Stars.

I…enjoyed it immensely. I was completely caught up in your character development and felt like I was on an excellent walking tour of San Francisco.  Alice Silverstein

I started reading your book and can’t put it down! I feel like I’m there. I like how it spans time and has essential vignettes from  various points on a family tree. And like the family tree in front of book. If I was a publisher, I’d snap it up.  Caroline Skinner

Sylvia Allen’s debut novel, “Like Light From Stars,” deftly portrays the life of seven generations in a family that comes to settle in San Francisco.  Her vivid characters—in episodes that range from 1849 to the present—give life to not only the history of California settlement, but the personal triumphs and struggles of a complicated and compelling family. In this beautifully wrought book you’ll meet characters that include a widow who decides to turn her life around and travel west in a wagon train, young adults who learn to navigate the complexities and ambiguities of life, sisters who take refuge in each other in a deeply troubled family, and many more. Each chapter shines from its connection to place, and the city of San Francisco, in light and darkness, anchors this thoughtful and beautiful book.  Nadine Fiedler

You are a great writer. The book is deep and wide, and each chapter held me spellbound. I loved the way the various parts of the tale were interwoven and interconnected. It was glorious.  Jan Marie Dubois, French tapestry artist

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